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Sadly, most web services on the internet seldom last very long, especially those without a business model. 1000memories was one such service. While the company might have lived on as part of, unfortunately all the memorial sites created by earlier users ultimately ended up being archived. I expect even the archived data will one day disappear. Rather than lose that site, I've replicated it here.

There are a lot of amazing photos of my mother's childhood, many of which I had never seen until relatives posted them after her death. One of my personal favorites is this one with her little sister Sue:

Betsy and her litter sister Sue.

Some old races results 02Jan11 | back to top




  • Run Wild for a Child 10K – Nov. 30th (48:22)
  • US Half Marathon San Francisco – Nov. 2nd (1:56:20)
  • Chicago Marathon – Oct. 12th  (4:31:19)