i could never seem to find the right words to say to my mother and that is because i never had to. she left this world with half of my heart and i remain with a hole in the rest. for she wasnt only my mother she was also my best friend. there isnt a day that goes by that i dont think of her. and there isnt a moment in time where i dont condemn such an existence that allows such pain to be felt. stripped of the time we had, know this, my heart goes far beyond cherishing the memories we shared. it holds a love that tears time in two and bares a scar that reminds me of who are, my mother!!
i love you so much
Andrew Markey
I will always miss you but never forget
Scott Erb
I met Betsy 13 years ago and I can say whole heartedly that I have never known anyone with a bigger heart. I practically lived with her, Tracey and Andrew for a summer and she treated me as one of her own. I even remember her taking me to get my license and her watching as I passed the parallel parking as she smiled :) Betsy was kind, loving and fun. She will be very missed!
Jessica Kerzetski
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Betsy was always so kind to me and my Mom. She reminded me so much of Erma. I will remember both with fondness.
Pamela Mohr
I am Betsy's cousin. My father and her mother were brother and sister. I wish we had not lost touch with each other. I reconnected with your Dad and had a nice visit on the phone. Brought back alot of memories. I have a lovly picture of Gloria,Linda and Betsy. I will treasure that picture. I live in Coatesville,Pa. and would love to get intouch with my remaining cousins. My phone no. is 610-384-1933. Adress is 439 Hibernia Road. My name is Connie Sherman Forbes.
Connie Forbes
Betsy was a wonderful woman who will never be forgotten.
Leah Markey Wilson
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My dearest mother,

I love you so very much. I will always think of you <3 Me, Socrate and the kids have you in our hearts.
Tracey Deriphonse
Mom, I miss you deeply every day, but I will always remember how you shaped me and my world...you remain in my heart and thoughts with love.
Eric Hsu Erb
We love you and will always miss you --Dad and Lois
I remember Betsy loving Elvis Presley and her and Linda playing his songs nonstop -I loved her family - Betsy was always there helping us kids - my mom (Betty) loved her too -
Diane Greene Jenkins
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I didn't know Betsy, but if her son, Shawn, is evidence, I know she was a great mom!
Take care of yourselves and each other.
Paula Green, Friend
Paula Green
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I will always remember her as the poor woman that had to take all the crazy stuff us kids dished out to her. Her house was the community house and she always had to wake up to bodies sleeping all over her house. Miss you.
Kalin Deitz
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Betsy was like a Mom to me, she was there for me when I most needed it and I will always be grateful.
Erica Scranta